Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R)

Features and Innovations

How safe is your data?

31 May 17

A diverse group of researchers is leading efforts to ensure that digital information remains secure, however and wherever it is used

Big data detectives

02 November 16

A*STAR researchers are bringing big data genome analytics to Singapore

Smart data, smart city

27 July 16

A*STAR researchers are designing a data-exchange platform that can act as a city’s dashboard

A future vision for media

06 June 12

A*STAR’s Snap2Tell image recognition technology is at the forefront of new media applications for mobile phone and iPad users

Research Highlights

Cryptography: Not so complex

18 May 16

The complexity and security of a widely-used cryptography scheme are proven much lower than previously thought

Robotics: Who’s the master?

16 December 15

Continuous adaptation makes for more natural interactions between robots and humans in shared tasks

Robotics: Navigating the unknown

07 October 15

A computer algorithm that copies the navigation functionality of humans and animals helps robots navigate unfamiliar spaces

Neuroscience: Predicting stroke recovery

05 June 13

By monitoring brain connections in their resting state, researchers show that rehabilitation based on brain–computer interfaces could be superior to robot-assisted programs

Fiber optics: One and only

17 August 11

The transmission quality of an optical fiber can now be tested without the need to take measurements at both ends

Antennas: An answer unfolds

12 May 10

Distributing the components of printed wideband antennas across multiple stacked layers reduces their size by some 25%