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Since its establishment, A*STAR has become a renowned international hub for science and technology, and the research institutes of A*STAR are constantly developing new technologies that push the limits of global knowledge and advancement in science and engineering. Through in-depth interviews and coverage of the latest projects and events, A*STAR Research Features cast a spotlight on some of the talented individuals, facilities and programs at A*STAR. Innovations articles cover A*STAR's latest developments in applied technology aimed at translating new technology into products and applications of benefit to society.

Diagnostic tools in the fast lane

22 December 2017

Diagnostic tests are the key to the early detection and treatment of diseases — and Singapore’s Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub is accelerating the rate at which devices make it from the lab to market.

Clever fats weighing in on Asia’s obesity issue

20 September 2017

Singaporean researchers tackle one of the world’s most pressing obesity problems — an issue that could look like a slender person of Asian descent who eats rice three times a day.

How Zika upped the ante

10 August 2017

Singaporean researchers are tracing the Asian origins of Zika’s global spread

How safe is your data?

31 May 2017

A diverse group of researchers is leading efforts to ensure that digital information remains secure, however and wherever it is used

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